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COPD LLC'S mission is to meet the home healthcare needs of our patients and families by providing exemplary service to our customers with the highest quality medical equipment from a well trained and courteous staff.

Here a just a few of the items we offer.
Go Beyond The TV
Pulse Oximeter
Finger Pulse Oximeters
Ask us about our oximeters! These little gadgets are great for keeping your oxygen levels in check, which can result in fewer visits to your physician's office or the hospital.
Nebulizer Unit
Nebulizer Units
Adults usually get the standard style nebulizer machine with accessory kit. we have special cute little units for children which are sure to make the experience a much easier one to handle.
Oxygen Concentrator
Newest Oxygen Concentrators
We offer only the newest, most quiet, most energy efficient oxygen delivery systems that are out on the market. These units weigh less than 35 pounds and use very little electricity. They are easy to use when traveling too. All tubing and accessories are included, and extensive patient education on use and care from is available from a well trained patient oriented staff member.
Oxygen Tanks
Oxygen Tanks
We carry many different sizes with all of the necessary accessories to accommodate your daily living style. We work with your needs, and our goal is to make make your life as easy as possible.
Call us at 866-402-4968 or locally at 307-632-4147.

Call Karri or Patricia at 307-632-4147 or 866-402-4968
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